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Professional Manicure

Professional Nail Salon

Nail Technicians in Scarborough

Our nail technicians are experienced and passionate about making you look your best. We take great pride in offering each of our customers an exceptional and bespoke service. We will work with you to select colours, lengths and nail art that suits your style and budget. Whether you want fun nail art or a chic everyday look, at Headstart Hair, Beauty and Nails, our nail technicians can whip up exactly what you're looking for. We also offer hair and beauty services. Why not come in for a self-care day and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed? Getting ready for your big day? Why not bring the whole bridal party in for a day of pampering?

Applying nail polish at a nail salon

Nail art and extensions

Nails and Prices

Basic Manicure


French Manicure


Gel Nails


Gel Toes


Nail Extension with Gel


Nail Extension White Tip


Overlay and Gel


Overlay Infill and Reapply Gel


Nail Repair


Gel Removal


File and Polish


Nail Art/Design

From 50 p extra per nail



Pedicures and Prices

Basic Pedicure


French Polish Pedicure


Pedicure with Gel Polish


Pedicure with nail polish

Beautiful nails are just a phone call away, call us at 01723 371720

Get your nails done today

at Headstart Hair, Beauty and Nails

located on Aberdeen Walk in Scarborough

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